Мы предлагаем дружескую и настроенную на сотрудничество рабочую обстановку, в которой мы веруем, что укрепление возможностей членов нашего коллектива способствует продвижению нашей продукции, прогрессу наших сообществ и каждого из нас


Thermal Process Technician 1

Sinking Spring, PA

We are looking for a Thermal Process Technician to profile customers’ equipment, analyze the results, discuss those results with factory representatives, and prepare comprehensive performance reports.

After a training period, this Thermal Process Technician will use the SCORPION® System of equipment to provide customers with complete SCORPION® Data Logging Information that will map air velocity, temperature, heat flux, and humidity. This person will provide customers with an analysis and consultation to produce solutions to problems such as quality, moisture, color, and capacity. In addition to Oven Profiling, the Thermal Process Technician will conduct Oven Safety Inspections (OSI). Travel will be required. 


Field Service Technicians - Mechanics

Home-Based Position in the Mid-West

We are looking for highly-skilled individuals based in our Robesonia, PA facility to install bakery equipment and provide electrical/mechanical equipment repair services to our customers, worldwide. Our field service technicians travel extensively — domestically and internationally. They should be proficient in mechanical and industrial electrical maintenance, Siemens and Allen Bradley PLC troubleshooting and experience with AC drives. Experience in cookie, cracker, pretzel and other baked snack equipment is a plus.


Second Shift Machinists

Robesonia, PA

We are looking for Second Shift Machinists in our Robesonia, PA facility who are experienced in producing machined parts by programming, setting up, and operating CNC, lathes, and mills. Machinists must be able to handle multiple responsibilities including: reading blueprints and specifications, and interpreting geometric dimensions and tolerances. Machinists must be capable of maintaining continuity among work shifts by documenting and communicating.


Oven Assembler/Welder - First & Second Shift

Robesonia, PA

We are seeking candidates who have a minimum of 2 — 4 years of Welding experience to work in our Oven Works facility.

Qualified candidates must have the ability to interpret engineering assembly drawings and bills of materials to identify welded components to be produced and assembled, their mating parts and their function within the machine.

Applies MIG, TIG, spot and other applicable welding techniques to fuse similar and dissimilar metals by selecting and employing the most appropriate filler materials. Selects the appropriate gauge thickness of sheet metal to meet design specifications.

Excellent welding skills, good communication, organizational skills and the willingness to work in a team environment are essential.


Welder - 1st & 2nd Shift

Robesonia, PA

We have opportunities for highly motivated, creative, and self-driven Welders to join our Manufacturing Team.

The Welding position interprets engineering drawings, prepares components for welding, and operates a variety of welding and weld cleaning equipment to produce the desired welded parts for industrial bakery equipment. 

The welder applies MIG, TIG, spot and other applicable welding techniques to fuse similar and dissimilar metals by selecting and employing the most appropriate filler materials.


Mechanical Designers

Robesonia, PA

We are looking for Mechanical Designers who can design bakery equipment using SolidEdge, a three-dimensional computer-aided design package (CAD) to evaluate form, fit, and function of electronic models and electronic prototypes.

The responsibilities in this position include:

  • Create layouts of customer plants to evaluate the process flow and equipment size and placement. 
  • Modify existing designs to provide equipment enhancement to satisfy customer requests.
  • Ensure drawings are completed to the required engineering and manufacturing standards.
  • Ensure Bills of Materials have a complete list of drawing numbers for manufactured parts and a complete list of purchased components that accurately correlate Reading Bakery Systems part numbers to vendor part numbers. 


Minimum requirements include:

  • An Associate’s or Technical Degree in Engineering or a related field.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field - preferred
  • 3+ years in a machinery design role is necessary
  • Minimum of two to three years demonstrated design/drafting experience in a high-tech, CAD, precision engineering and/or manufacturing environment

Metal Finishers/Grinders

Robesonia, PA

RBS has opportunities for highly motivated, creative, and self-driven GRINDERS to join our Manufacturing team. The Metal Finisher/Grinder position requires the use of hand grinders and polishers and blasting equipment to grind and polish machines and machine components.

Prior experience in metal finishing and the use of metal finishing equipment is required.

Prior knowledge of sanitary metal finishes is also a plus.



Shipping and Receiving Associate

Robesonia, PA

We are looking for a Shipping and Receiving Associate to coordinate all Reading Bakery Systems Shipping and Receiving functions. The Shipping and Receiving Associate will also assist the Quality Control Department with quality standards by assisting in the approval of incoming materials, in-process production, and finished products; as well as recording quality results.


Sales Manager

Robesonia, PA

Located in Robesonia, PA, the RBS Sales Manager will be the key point of contact for customers visiting our headquarters facility and Science & Innovation Center.  This person manages all these visits including giving company presentations, tours at local RBS facilities, discussing projects, and entertaining. They will also support the sales and marketing teams with customer management, presentation support materials, trade shows, and CRM and CPQ administration.  The Sales Manager should have a clear understanding of engineering applications and strong, demonstrated mechanical / technical aptitude.


  • Typically, a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or Engineering fields
  • Two (2) to five (5) years of sales experience

Technical Sales Manager

Robesonia, PA

The Technical Sales Manager is a key point of contact for the Sales and Marketing teams for technical questions and acts as a liaison with the Sales team and colleagues from other departments in the company, as well as senior company managers. This position works in conjunction with the Engineering Department to address feasibility of customer requests and needs and participates in the proposal development process.


  • Typically, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering or equivalent industry experience
  • Normally a minimum of five (5) years of engineering experience

Automation Engineers

Robesonia, PA

We are looking for Automation Engineers/Designers to design control systems to operate Reading Bakery Systems machinery. Duties include specifying the components and equipment needed to complete the system, programming and interfacing of the equipment, assist/troubleshoot the assembly process and startup/debug of the control system and overall machine. The position also requires implementation of material and cost reduction measures as well as documentation of the operating process. The RBS Automation Engineers interface with Reading Bakery Systems sales department, manufacturing, service, as well as customers to support the equipment and engineering efforts. He/She will travel onsite to customer locations to implement, maintain, and upgrade software/hardware. Approximately 30% travel time.

Specific requirements: 

  • Minimum of 3 years hands-on experience programming PLCs and minimum of 2 years experience with Rockwell PLCs
  • Siemens experience is a plus
  • Knowledge and experience with variable frequency drives and servo drives

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